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The current fleet of vehicles in operation in Dublin are called DUKWs.  These are World War II amphibious trucks, designed in the USA for use in the European front of the war.  After the war, these hardy vehicles were utilised for more gentle and leisurely purposes being redeployed to cities around the world as tour buses.  In 1999 Viking Splash Tours was founded and the first Dukw took to the streets of Dublin.  Today there are 7 DUKWs operating in Dublin City Centre, carrying over 110,000 passengers annually.  Mixing humour, sightseeing and good Irish warmth, Viking Splash Tours has a business model and reputation that is strong and open.  the-future

Challenge and Solution:

Recognising that the DUKW cannot run indefinitely, and with a keen desire and natural inclination to be the leader in amphibious passenger vehicle technology, Viking Splash Tours’ parent company, RGI, have undertaken a project to design and build the next generation of vehicle.  With all the knowledge of operating our tours in Dublin, we believe ourselves best placed to design the new vehicle – it is being built by operators for operators.

Your Opportunity:

We are giving YOU the opportunity to help the Viking Splash Tours family in achieving our objective.  With Linked Finance you can invest your money to help us on our journey to produce the next generation of amphibious passenger vehicles.

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