Gregor McGuckin

We recently met Gregor McGuckin from Dublin, and were really impressed with what he is attempting to do.

Gregor is entered in the 2018 Golden Globe Race, which is a non-stop solo race around the world. What’s more, each sailor will only be able to use the navigational instruments that were available in 1968 (the original race took place in 1968. The 2018 race is the 50th anniversary race). Trying to attempt something like this, especially without modern comforts such as GPS, requires huge dedication and skill. The race will take between 9 and 10 months, a length of time that Gregor will be completely on his own for.

No Irish person has ever made it the whole way around the world by boat, and fewer than 200 people worldwide have achieved this (to put this in perspective, approximately 4,469 people have summited Mount Everest).

Gregor is throwing his heart and soul into getting himself into the race and completing it, but obviously it is a monumental undertaking. That’s where you come in! If you think you can support Gregor in some way, be it imparting knowledge, helping with fundraising events, or donating directly, this would be greatly appreciated.

Gregor’s intention with this race isn’t just to complete it for himself, but to do it for Ireland. One of the things he is currently working on is putting together an educational programme, so that children in schools around the country can follow his progress, and learn along the way – he is linking his sailing experiences and the race itself to educational topics such as geography, sustainability, and the environment. He has partnered with a major distributor, and the hope is that each classroom in Ireland will receive it. 

We wish Gregor all the best in his journey, and we hope to be able to support him along the way. 

To read more about Gregor, click here. To donate, click here.

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