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Paul the Prankster Racing around Dublin in style


Paul the Prankster arrived on the Emerald Isle via the “Viking Web” an ancient form of “Internet”. When he arrived he “Surfed” the streets of Dublin’s fair city until he found some fellow Viking’s colluding on St. Stephens Green in their Viking long boats.

After a successful duel with some newbie Viking’s, Paul became a Viking Splash Tour Guide in early 2011 and took charge of his own Viking long boat with a crew of Viking Virgins! At the beginning Paul had the voice of an angel but over time roaring at the Celts has seen his voice blossom into a voice that could rival the voice of Ronnie Drew (a famous Dubliner).

As Paul makes his way around Dubh Linn in his long boat he can be seen and heard tormenting the Celts with his ferocious Roar! If you see him on the streets be prepared to be attaked with his roar! YEAH!


Liam the Lucious


Liam arrived in Ireland sometime around the 10th century and was captured by the Celts and held prisoner for a very long time. He had to work as a slave herding goats and keeping the Celt camp clean. Liam was rescued in a daring raid by the Viking Splash Tours Mad Bag of Drivers, led by his long lost friend Captain Pat, early in 2011. Liam the Lucious now captains his own Viking long ship and gets daily revenge on the Celts by roaring at them while raiding and pillaging all around Dublin City.


Captain Pat (Pat the Bratrich)Captain Pat


He is said to have been on board one of the first Viking longboats to arrive on our shores.  He is one of the ‘Dubh Linn’, the dark strangers, who came from Denmark way back when.

Captain Pat’s first job was as a Barnacle Boy, removing barnacles from under the longboats, moving on to Anchor Boy which saw him polishing the anchor daily.  He then went on to better himself as Chief Axe & Sword Sharpener which he really, really enjoyed doing!  He got his first big break as a Captain with Viking Splash Tours in 2011.  Since then Captain Pat, and all who join his crew, have been known to terrorise the locals of Dublin City with their boisterous laughter, soprano singing and terrifying roar (or should that be terrifying singing and soprano roaring?!)


Lynn the Red Terrifying Redheads


On dark and stormy nights, when the lights are cold and the clan are gathered, huddling together for warmth, tales are told of Lynn the Red and her terrible Viking raids! Oh the Horror! Oh the Terror!


Vinny the Voracious  Giants of Viking Dublin


Heard from Dawson Street to Dean Street, Vinny the Voracious’s chilling snarls ruptured onto the Viking Scene in 2008. His story stretches far into the distant past of the wasteland of Viking Norway where he was the lead singer of the band ‘Thor’s Hammer’. Their debut album, titled ‘Celtic Terror’, was a roaring success and it was through this notoriety that Viking Splash Tours heard about this savage creature of fur and fumes. Lured to Ireland with the promise of yet more monasteries to pillage, he eventually settled into a comfortable lifestyle of raiding and roaring on the streets of Dublin, terrifying the locals with his deafening roar and manic laughter.


Jimmy the Gallant The Ancient Roots of Dublin


Some say that before ever the chicken or the egg was perceived there was Jimmy the Gallant… Records from this era are hard to come by but what they do tell us is how this menacing Viking emerged from the primeval bedrock of Denmark. In a row-boat. Under a blue sky. On Wednesday. At 5pm. Things become sketchy in the intervening years between that Wednesday and this but one thing is for certain… it was Jimmy the Gallant who discovered how to put a fig inside a fig roll.


Barry the BrutalBrutality of the Vikings

DRIVER / GUIDE / TOUR DODGER (so says Vinny the Voracious)

This mischievious Viking is one to keep an eye on. Possessed by the spirit of Loki, the Viking God of Mischief,  this wild-eyed rogue has tricked and scammed his way from Sweden to Swaziland focused on one thing only.. having a laugh! Tricksy and troublesome, it was Barry the Brutal who polished the apple of temptation in the Garden of Eden, it was Barry the Brutal who opened the gates of Troy and brought in the wooden horse and it was Barry the Brutal who found Wally!


Anto the AtrociousFun tours of Dublin

Anto the Atrocious rocked up to Viking Splash Tours in 2011 and hasn’t been seen without his snazzy Viking Helmet since! Rarely photographed without his thumbs up, Anto can be seen driving hoards of Vikings around Dublin City Centre!



Ger ‘The Hoarse Norse’


Formerly known as Ger ‘The Mellifluous’, this savage Norseman toured with Vinny ‘The Voracious’ and his mighty band of wayward rogues ‘Thor’s Hammer’ back in the 10th century. A lifetime of roaring and screaming during the early days of Viking raids of Ireland has left Ger a little more snarly and gritty than his hoardes of loyal fans may recall from days gone by. Ger joined the Viking Splash Tours band of vicious vikings in 2010.

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